sam: “i found a baby turtle in my POOL”

heh this is croot


sam: “i found a baby turtle in my POOL”

heh this is croot

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hello life, well after the history results came back, we got bad grades. but most everything else is treating me well.


2. having a fun sleepover on thursday - friday (but really sad that jessy is not allowed to do sleepovers]: )

3. LOCKIN next friday.

* * * 

well so those are some fun things. but we gots some annoying hws. which i should be doing. but i would say that tumblr,facebook,email,and procrastinating is funner.:)who wouldn’t agree?  
i think that we fail at tumblr.but right now we are trying REALLY hard to be good:)hah.but i have NOTHING else to write.
i hope juree is doing goooood. and i am happy she is still alive. <3 and i is thinking about her.i bet she thinking about mee haha.jokinnng . BUT ITS POSSIBLE.

****oh today jessica was super out of it “YOU ARE CRAPPY,meatballs” ^^***** 

we are planning a PACKAGE for juree,twill get to her soon. i hope.

well goodbye life.

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Boys.ARE.stupid (not really,sorta kinda, really, extremely, yea superly..esp the ones from the country we are in.heh)

as mentioned previously:)

our tumblr name was inspired by our best friend in america,juree. there is a stupid boy in her life. well not actually stupid. but i think that he should like her. haha but other than that, i hear he is amazing.

ps. jessica thinks that her singlish is amazing now. i agrees.juree you should hear “ehy les go cycleeng” 

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so this is sierra this time : ) 

basically, everything jess said already is true.history test.FINISHED :)yayy.and we had like half day today and it was funn.

fun things today:

1. in history class we talked about the worship of cows and homosexuals. this was just weird.

2. today was a half day i already said that

3. i went to eat out with ppl after school,and made an amazing handshake with calvin OH BE JEALOUS JESSICA.and everyone else

4. jeffrey fed me some food.HA. 

5. we saw some…..err…….interesting…pictures…of ppl.that qbing haha. “isn’t she flawless?? isn’t she flawless?? aren’t you jealous? i’m trying to make you jealous. just look at her”

6. drawing skinny belts and dogsss in the bus ride with jessica:)

7. watching cher videos.yum

8. JESSE MCCARTNEY <3 do you rmb this boy?

9. and what about jo jo? heh good timesss.


thats all. 

i miss juree.

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ALL BOYS ARE STUPID. for real. the guys in our grade are so, ew. The only one sthat are normal are Andrew, Gabe Brunk, and Calvin. HAHA, calvin (this is getting pretty awkward/intense/awkward) ANYWHO, other than that, the bois are either immature, shallow, or immature. actually, calvin’s pretty immature too, but he’s an exception:)

oh dear, if only there were more boyys like napolean dynamite :( boohoo.

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The best moment ever

SO BASHICALLY, right this moment is the most fun moments of my high school life. haha. cause of these few reasons:

1. History test is ooooovvvveeeer (history tests are the hardest ones)

2. Im eating Life cereal (props to Sierra)

3. i have all my homework done

4. tomorrow is gonna be a pretty non-schooly day

5. my two best friends still exist - AND are happy

6. Carnival on SAAATUUUURDAY

7. Tomorrow is a half day:)

xx Jessica

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(via midnightscribbles, superbelle)
i love school. ha.

(via midnightscribbles, superbelle)

i love school. ha.

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